Terms & Conditions


Please read these terms and conditions before making a booking. By making a booking with us you agree to the terms and conditions listed below. If there’s anything in the terms and conditions you are unsure about, please get in touch and we will be happy to explain.


In the case of cancellation by the Client, the following charges will apply:

More than 42 days notice – refund of 90% with a minimum charge of 30€ admin fee.
15 to 41 days notice – refund of 50% of lesson price.
8 to 14 days notice – refund of 10% of lesson price.
0 to 7 days notice – no refund, reservation name can be change to another person (same level or abilities if it is a group lesson, course or camp)

No refund will be given, in whole or in part, by Stomped Snowboarding in cases of non-presentation due to misunderstanding of reservation details, illness, injury, resort or lift closure, adverse weather conditions, late arrival/delay of any kind, or due to any other reason outside of the School’s control. In these casesStomped Snowboarding is happy to provide a letter as proof of cancellation/non-attendance for the purposes of insurance.

Stomped Snowboarding reserves the right to cancel lessons. Full refunds of cancelled lessons will be made in this instance though also an alternative lesson will be offered.

Stomped Snowboarding reserves the right to change lesson times.

Prices may be subject to changes.


Snowboarding is a hazardous activity and you undertake it at your own risk. Full insurance cover is strongly advised, as Stomped Snowboarding cannot be held responsible for any injuries incurred during, before or after a lesson. Insurance against lesson cancellation and injury should be purchased in advance.

Please note that off-piste activities may require special additional insurance.

Stomped Snowboarding declines all liability in the case of an accident during our lessons.


In some lessons and clinics your instructor might include some off-piste riding outside of the piste boundaries. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance to snowboard off-piste. In some off-piste-specific sessions you will be required to wear avalanche safety equipment. If you don’t have any we can advise you where you can hire it.


Group courses require a minimum of 4 clients for the course to run for the specified duration (and maximum 6). With fewer numbers, we will still try to run the course but for a reduced time.

Instructors will wait no longer than 10 minutes for clients late and attending group lessons. Before leaving the meeting point they will phone the client on the number provided on booking. Clients running late should inform the instructor on his phone as soon as possible.


Lessons will begin and end at pre-set meeting points. Clients are asked to respect start and finish times of lessons. Lessons begin and end at the agreed times even if the Client arrives late. To be fair to other Clients in group sessions, group instructors will not wait for latecomers longer than 10 minutes. Parents should arrive 5-10mins before the end of the group lesson in order to meet the group as they finish. Older children may be left to wait for late parents at the meeting point at the instructor’s discretion.

For the Client’s safety and that of others, it is a condition of booking that the instructor’s professional judgement is respected while the Client is under his or her instruction. Clients must be aware that all off-piste and freestyle activities involve a level of risk even when accompanied by an instructor or guide.

Snowboarding requires a considerable level of physical effort, so all Clients should present themselves in a fit and safe condition for physical activity in the mountain environment. Clients are asked to inform the School and/or their instructor of any situation, medical or otherwise, of which the instructor should be aware.


We highly recommend helmet in all our lessons, specially on backcountry, freestyle and beginners lessons. Helmet is mandatory to ride the Superpipe.


Discounts are not cumulative and are not applicable in peak season.


We take your email address at the time of booking in order to email you a confirmation of your booking. We will also use any email addresses supplied at time of booking to add to our mailing list and send you information and news about us. You can opt-out of receiving email communications from us at any time by clicking the opt-out link provided. We will not supply your email address, or any other personal details to third parties or suppliers.


If for any reason you are not happy with the lesson or service provided please let us know at the earliest opportunity to enable us to deal with your feedback effectively.

All prices and services, terms and conditions are subject to change at Stomped Snowboarding’s discretion.

If you have any questions about our Terms & Conditions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact us on info@stompedsnowboarding.com


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