Avoriaz – Morzine – Portes du Soleil – France


Avoriaz – Morzine – Portes du Soleil – France


What is most important at the mountains than safety?

At Stomped Snowboard Academy avalanche safety and awareness course is designed to avoid unnecessary dangers following some protocols.

Learn how to use transceivers, study and classification of snow crust and layers, identify avalanche terrain, recognize hotest points, travel safe, perform a rescue if a friend  is caught and tips if you are caught.

This course content includes everything you need to ride and enjoy the backcountry in a safe way.

Personal transceiver, shovel and probe are necessary, ask as if you need a kit, we can provide/rent one for you from a shop.

Avance safety and awareness course is available for free in Freeride Off-piste/Backcountry camps and courses.

avalanche safety Stomped snowboard academy


Make your boards life longer, scratches reparation, base cleaning, waxing and keeping the edges sharp and in good condition for your riding style.

Waxing is very important but more important is to do it right using different cleaning products, choosing the best type of wax depending snow conditions,iron temperature and movement and the tuning tools we use.

Stomped snowboarding wants to teach you how to do all those things to become you in a decent ski man.

After that, you´ll be capable to keep your board like new also ride the mountains fast and in safe conditions.

Board tuning is available for free on all snowboard camps. We are organizing many tuning sessions during the season.

Board tuning Stomped snowboard academy Morzine Avoriaz


Do you want to learn the best tips to film your friends or yourself? you can do it at our snowboard academy.

Stomped snowboarding would like to share with you the best tips to make your ski holidays video footage awesome.

Nowadays everybody has a phone or a gopro camera, maximize the quality of recorded footage considering different angles, light, surrounding area, editing apps and more. Choose the best clips and coordinate them with your favorite music theme rite.

After our video filming and editing lessons your footage will be a sensation on social media and your friends are going to freak out.

Academy Filming and editing Stomped snowboard school


Stomped Snowboard Academy proudly presents street sessions, the unique snowboard school in the world offering this service.

Morzine-Avoriaz has many safe street spots to discover with uncountable wall-rides, jumps and rails for all levels.

Learn how to build and shape a street kicker and how to use the bungee.

Feel like a pro!!  We´ll immortalize the moment with a photo/video footage while having fun on the streets.

Street sessions are optional and available for free on Freestyle Camps. We´ll also organize many sessions during the season depending on snow conditions at the town.

General riding intermediate level required.

Academy street sessions Stomped snowboard school Morzine Avoriaz

Freestyle camp                          01/08/2018 to 01/12/2018

Performance camp                   01/15/2018 to 01/19/2018

Off piste-Backcountry              01/22/2018 to 01/26/2018

Boarder X camp                        01/29/2018 to 02/02/2018

Freestyle camp                          02/05/2018 to 02/09/2018

Off piste-Backcountry              02/26/2018 to 03/02/2018

Boarder X camp                        03/05/2018 to 03/09/2018

Performance camp                   03/12/2018 to 03/13/2018




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Performance course           

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Off piste course                   

Freestyle course                  

Performance course            

Boarder X course                 

Performance course           

Freestyle course                   

Off piste course                    

Boarder X course                  

Off piste course                   

Freestyle course                  

Off piste course                   

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